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11 March '24 - Checkbox Custom Fields & Better Searching for Text Fields
11 March '24 - Checkbox Custom Fields & Better Searching for Text Fields
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Checkbox Custom Fields

Checkbox custom fields are now available. This custom field has yes/no responses.

Now, when you go to your planner and click on your project details, you will see this feature. To add this custom field to your project, simply click on the box and then save your changes.

You can use this custom field to filter in the planner. When you click the box, filtering in the planner will show projects that include this custom field by clicking "yes". On the other hand, if you want to filter by excluding projects that don't have this field, you can also do so by clicking "no".

In reports, checkbox custom fields can be included for filtering:

Search Text Fields

You can also now filter the Planner more precisely by your custom text fields. Use the "exact" or "include" searches to define exactly how you want to search.

For example, say you have the project text field input "John Doe", who is a project sponsor on some projects.

If you do an exact search for "John", then no projects will show. If you do an include search for "John", then all the projects that have "John Doe" as the field input will show in the Planner.

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