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Can I use API to delete projects/ people/ clients?

No - we don’t allow deleting through the endpoint at this stage as there is a large cascading effect from deleting a project/client/person. Please use our Web App and to confirm your choice before deleting any data.

Can I use API to get assignments for a specific date range?

This is not possible at the moment - you will need to filter the result on your end instead.

Can I just delete one day of a multi-day assignment?

Not at the moment. You’d need to delete the whole assignment, and then recreate the remaining segments. There is no API equivalent to the “split assignment” functionality in the UI

I'm receiving a 404 Not Found error message when using your API endpoints.

A 404 means you are sending your request to the wrong URL, or have the wrong API key. Please check our API Documentation and make sure you have the right URL.

How can I get project rates via API?

Project Rates are found under projects/:id

We only send them when accessing a specific project. We don’t offer a generic list of all project rates.

Can I update contracts or people costs from a specific date via API?

Yes. You can create a new contract with the updated cost, with a start_date of when you want it to apply from.

Which API endpoint should I use to create a user?

You can use the invitation endpoints POST /v0/invitations

We will then send out an invitation to the email address to join the account, and the user account will then be created after joining.

My API request stopped working. Why?

Our API endpoints are rate limited. you will only be blocked for 60 seconds and it should work again. Please contact us for support if this is the case.

How do I create an assignment with a duration of 10 hours, 8 on the first day and 2 on the second day?

You can use POST /v0/assignments

Runn assignments have a constant number of hours per day.

If you want 8 hours on day #1 and 2 hours on day #2, then you must create 2 separate assignments.

Is it possible to set the time_off type when creating Time offs through the API?

There are 3 types of time_off in Runn:

annual: Scheduled Leaves.

rostered-off: For rostered days off (based on the person's contract)

holiday: Days off created through the Public Holidays feature

The type of time_off cannot be set via the API. It defaults to annual (Scheduled Leaves)

You will have to set it in our web App. However, you can view the different types of time off via API.

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