This is likely because the project defaulted to a Rate Card with $0 Charge out rates when it was first created.

At the moment, changing the Rate Card subsequently will not automatically update the Project Rates - you would have to update the Project Rates manually.

πŸ’° How to update the Project Rates?

  1. From the Project Planner, find the Project for which you would like to update the Project Rates

  2. Click the 3-dot button next to the Project Name

  3. Click Edit Budget

You may see that the Rate Card selected is showing up, but the Project Rate does not align with the Rate Card

  1. Enter the amount from the Rate Card in the Project Rate fields

  2. Click Save

Now the Project Revenue will be updated immediately

When will the rates on the Rate Card be automatically populating the Project Rates?

πŸ—“οΈ If you are creating the Project from the Planner

You will have to create the rate card first before creating the project.

πŸ’» If you are importing the Project from a CSV file

The Standard Rate Card will be selected by default. You will have to manually update the project rates.

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