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Better transferring and cloning - 28 November ' 22
Better transferring and cloning - 28 November ' 22

Get a preview of the impact of transferring and cloning work on everybody's workload

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Better transferring and cloning is here!

Finally, you can see exactly how your people and placeholders time will be impacted when:

Get instant visibility over workload changes

When you go into Transfer or Clone mode, you'll see how everyone's time lines up with the selected assignments. A quick hover will show you how someone's workload will look if you transfer or clone the work to them.

Focus on the people who tick your boxes

You can now use our advanced searching and filtering to narrow down the list of people you want to look at.

Adjust roles when needed

If you can't find anyone in the same role as the work, you can now change someone's role just for that assignment(s) so it's accurately reflected in reports and timesheets.

Stay on top of all your resource needs

If no one is available to do the work, you can transfer or clone the work to a placeholder instead.

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