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How to read the project variance reports

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Variance Reports work with the actuals data you enter for your projects. 

The graph provides a visual breakdown of the actual hours worked versus planned hours for your people. Hover over a bar to see the scheduled and actual figures. 

  • A light blue bar indicates the scheduled hours

  • A dark blue bar indicates the actual hours worked

  • A pink bar indicates there's missing actuals due to partial entry for the week

  • A gray bar indicates a time period where there's no actuals entered at all

  • An orange bar indicates a time period that you have selected, displaying displaying filtered data for the selected week in the table below

The table lists the actual hours, scheduled hours and corresponding difference, broken down by role and person. Clicking a bar on the graph will change the time period shown in the table so you can drill down into the specifics for that period.

If you switch to the Day units, the numbers reflect the number of singular, full-time workdays over the given period, not the length of the period.

NOTE: If no work was done for the week (i.e. actuals = zero hours), you must enter zero for Runn to calculate the actual. If you leave the week blank, Runn will see this as missing actuals. 

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