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4 September '23 - Resourcing Requests
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Do you use placeholders to plan out your projects in Runn?

With Resourcing Requests, you get a brand new way to streamline and create more visibility of your resourcing processes in Runn!

You’ll find this useful if your organization is often facing these challenges:

  • Project teams are competing for the same resources

  • Resourcing teams are juggling multiple people to assign work to

  • Hiring teams are lacking a single place to dive into upcoming hiring needs

Minimize resourcing uncertainty

Introducing a way to add more detail to your resourcing processes in Runn*. Request people for projects and leave comments on each placeholder, to see where each request is in the process and stay on top of those oh-so important resourcing conversations.

From there, filter the planner by placeholder status to focus only on those placeholders that need your attention.

Want to look at all the developer placeholders that need to be transferred? Or want to see what roles need to be hired for next quarter? Easy.

Facilitate conversations across team members

With comments, anyone can add as much context to needed. Open up the conversations across the project delivery, resourcing and hiring teams so everyone knows exactly what is needed.

Some examples of comments you could leave:

  • "I think John would be a great fit for this project"

  • "John's on leave from the 16th - 25th. How about Cynthia? She has the same skillset as John"

  • "Cynthia is in Switzerland but the client needs someone in the PST timezone."

  • "Ok, I'll have another look. I'll get back to you by tomorrow EOD"

Whatever it is, you can leave comments at any time, for anyone to see.

As always, we'd love to hear your thoughts on this feature! Please reach out to us at

* Example of a resourcing process using Runn

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