Hiring Managers - Using Resourcing Requests
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Here are the steps a Hiring Manager can take in Runn to process hiring requests.

Filtering the list of positions to be hired

  1. From the People/Project Planner, click Filter

  2. Choose Resourcing Requests

  3. Select Hire Proposed

You can filter both the project and people planners by the type of resourcing request.

When you filter the project planner by Resourcing Request, all the projects containing placeholders that currently have that status will show.

Making a Comment

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon and select Comment

  2. You can type in a message to tell whether the hiring request is accepted. You may also raise questions about the request.

  3. The status of the request will be changed to Request Responded and the icon will change to a yellow arrow.

  4. To check the response from the resource/project manager, hover your cursor on the arrow to read the latest comment. (At the moment, no notifications is prompted and you are encouraged to to check the latest comment regularly)

Cancelling a Request

If you would like to cancel the hiring request,

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon, select Request Raised/Responded

  2. Click Cancel Request and enter a note on why you are cancelling the request. The comment history will still be retained and viewable.

  3. The placeholder will return to No Request status.

After making a new hire

You can follow the usual procedure to add the new hire in Runn. Then you can leave a comment to inform the resource manager so they can transfer the work to the person.

If needed, you can also transfer the placeholder’s work directly to the new hire.

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