Public holidays - 6 March '23
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It's now incredibly fast to schedule in each person's public holidays. Simply set up your holiday groups (regions), add people to their holiday group, and you're all set!

Here's how it works:

Set country or region-specific public holidays

Head to Settings > Public Holidays to set up your holiday groups. You'll need to create a group for each country or region and then select or de-select which public holidays you want to add or remove. You can also create custom holidays here.

Assign people to holiday groups

Add people to holiday groups to determine their public holidays. Each person can only belong to one holiday group. The corresponding public holidays will automatically be added to each person in the group for the current year, plus the following 2 years.

You can either bulk add people to their holiday groups, or add people individually as you are creating or editing each person.

Plan around all holidays and time off

Keep track of all public holidays and time off from the Planner. For a complete overview of each person's time off, go to the person's dashboard and take a look at the Time Off area.

Additional info

  • Public holidays will overwrite any existing assignments planned for that date. Project hours will automatically be reduced.

  • Public holidays will overwrite any existing time offs planned for that date.

  • You can overwrite a public holiday by scheduling a non-working day on top. This will appear as overtime.

View the full help docs here.

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