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FTEs and insights in days - 7 February '23
FTEs and insights in days - 7 February '23

Schedule FTE assignments and view project insights in days

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If you prefer working in days rather than hours, here are two updates you'll enjoy.

Schedule and Plan in FTEs

We've introduced FTE units to the planner!

From the People Planner, use the toggle to view all assignments and availability in FTEs.

You can also schedule assignments in FTEs. Open up the Effort dropdown and you'll find FTE units in the list.

This can be particularly helpful when understanding your placeholder needs. For example, if you need 2FTE developer placeholders this means you'll need to hire 2 full-time or more part-time developers to fill this need.

View project insights in day units

It can be difficult to really understand how your projects are tracking when the insights are only available in hours. What do hundreds or thousands of hours actually mean in terms your project scope?

Now, you can now view the project dashboards in day units. These insights reflect the number of singular, FTE workdays over a given period, not the length of the period.

For example:

  • Completed days = 5d

    The equivalent of 5 full-time days have been worked on the project. This may be comprised of 5 people spending 1 FTE day each on it, 1 person spending 5 FTE days on it, or any other multiple of resources and hours. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve been working on the project for 5 days.

  • Phase Total Days = 6d

    6 full-time days are planned for the phase. It doesn’t mean that the phase will last for 6 days.

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