Previously, there were a couple scenarios where it was tedious to resolve conflicts between time off and assignments. Users would have to manually split the overlapping assignments and make the necessary deletions. When multiple conflicts were present, this was an even lengthier and convoluted process.

In this release, we’ve introduced a new “resolve assignment conflicts” action to make it a whole lot easier and more intuitive to resolve conflicts!

This new action lives in two places:

  • The context menu for a conflicting time off

  • A person's row on the People Planner

Let's take a look at the changes...

  1. The context menu for a conflicting time off

When you click “Delete assignment conflict(s)” on time off with a conflict (yellow warning sign), all the assignments conflicting with the time off will be split if necessary, and their conflicting pieces will be deleted. This will leave the time off in a new, non-conflicted state.

2. A person's row on the People Planner

You'll see a yellow warning sign in the left column for any person that has conflicts, right beside their name.

Not many of us like deleting things we can’t see, so this new menu offers the option to "Jump to next conflict". This lets you see the future time off conflicts and provides some context about what assignments might be deleted if you resolve them.

Choose “Delete all assignment conflicts” to resolve all of a person's conflicts at a time.

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