You can use project duplication for any project that has the same budget and set amount of hours. This may be a monthly or yearly retainer, or a project type that you do repeatedly.

The people assigned to the original project will also be assigned to the duplicated one. If required, you can transfer the assignments to a placeholder or different person.

The following data is duplicated:

  • People
  • Assignments
  • Phases
  • Milestones
  • Project budget
  • Project rates
  • Project properties

How to Duplicate a Project:

  1. Go to the Project Details page
  2. Click the Cog menu button
  3. Select Duplicate
  4. Select a start week for the duplicated project. You may only choose the Monday for the week.

Everything will be copied to remain on the same day. This means if the project starts on a Wednesday, it will also start on the Wednesday of the chosen week.

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