Project milestones are markers of key events or instances throughout the duration of your project that help to show its progress. They are checkpoints that indicate an achievement or point in time - they are not tasks or assignments. 

Milestones help you know that your projects are advancing. By planning out what your project's milestones are and when you should expect them to happen, they help you to manage your project's scope, budget and time so that you stay on track.

Types of milestones 

There are 5 symbols you can choose from in Runn to identify your different types of milestones.

You can identify your milestones however you wish. 

Here are some suggestions with examples:

The $ symbol 

Identify financial deadlines, for example:

  • Payment due

  • Invoice sent to client

The Warning symbol

Identify warnings or events that may impact your project, for example:

  • Scheduled website maintenance

  • 50% of budgeted hours used up

The Start arrow symbol

Identify the beginning of a phase or stage in the project, for example:

  • Project commences

  • Testing phase begins

The End arrow symbol

Identify the end of a phase or stage in the project, for example:

  • Project completed

  • Planning phase ends

The Flag symbol

Identify key events or deliverables, for example:

  • Project budget approved

  • Report prepared for project sponsor

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