Assignment notes

How to manage assignment notes

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Notes is where you add any relevant information needed for the assignment. This can be a short description of the task to be completed, instructions for a co-worker, or a mental note for yourself. 

Managing notes

To add, edit or delete a note, expand the notes section on the quick editor or calendar.

If an assignment has a note, the notes icon will show on the assignment, next to the hours per day and total hours. 

To read the note, hover over the assignment to bring up the assignment pop-up with more information. 

What happens to notes when assignments are merged?

In Runn, you can merge assignments with the same hours per day by dragging one assignment over another. In that case the note of the assignment that is being dragged is retained. 

What happens to notes when assignments are split?

When you split an assignment with a note, the note is retained on both assignments. 

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