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Here are the steps a Project Manager can take in Runn to make a resourcing request.

❗️An admin/editor user in Runn can still directly assign people to projects without making a resourcing request.

Your organization can decide your internal policy on how your Project Managers should use Runn to allocate work.

Creating Placeholders

Runn’s placeholders allow you to plan the work allocation before you know who will actually take up the job.

As a Project Manager, you can schedule assignments to placeholders as the starting point of the resourcing request process.

  1. Add a placeholder to your project

  2. Schedule assignment to the placeholder

  3. Click on the 3-dot icon and select Edit Details

  4. Add person tags, skills and custom fields required to specify your preference

Raising resourcing requests

Once you have created the placeholder, you can raise a resourcing request.

Admins and editors can make requests and leave comments. All Admin, Editor, and Viewer users can view ALL the requests and comments.

  1. From the Project or People planner, click the 3-dot menu on a placeholder. Hover over Requests and select Request <role>

  2. (Optional) Leave a comment to add any additional details about the request that you would like the resource manager/functional manager to know e.g. your preferred person for the work. Please note that your comment will be visible to ALL Runn users with Viewer, Editor or Admin permissions.

    The comment history for the last 30 days is viewable for future reference.

  3. Click Confirm Request. A yellow person icon will appear next to the placeholder to indicate that a Request has been Raised

  4. If the Resource Manager has made a comment to your request, the icon will change to a yellow arrow. Hover your cursor on the arrow to read the latest comment.

Responding to Comments

  1. If you would like to make a comment, click on the 3-dot icon and select Comment

    You can also view the comment history here.

  2. If you would like to change your request requirements and work schedule, you can update the placeholder and make a comment to inform the Resource Manager

Request Fulfilled

When the Resource Manager has found the right person, they will transfer the placeholder’s work to the person and you will see the person’s name showing up in your project.

Cancelling a Request

If you would like to cancel your request,

  1. Click on the 3-dot icon, select Request Raised/Responded and Cancel Request

  2. (Optional) Enter a note on why you are cancelling the request. The comment history will still be retained and viewable.

  3. The placeholder will return to No Request status.

Proposing to Hire

If there is no one internally suitable for the job, you may want to propose hiring to the HR team.

  1. From the Project or People planner, click the 3-dot menu on a placeholder. Hover over Requests and select Request <role>

  2. Select Propose to Hire

  3. The mini-icon will turn into a yellow flag. The HR team will be aware that you have made a hiring request

Filtering the list of resourcing requests

With Runn’s filtering tool, you can easily filter your list of requests according to their status.

  1. From the People/Project Planner, click Filter

  2. Choose Resourcing Requests

  3. Select Requests Raised/Request Responded/Hire Proposed

Tips: You can set up a single select custom field Project Manager and add the Project Managers' names to the corresponding project. Then you can apply the custom field as a filter to filter for your own project.

You can filter both the project and people planners by the type of resourcing request.

When you filter the project planner by Resourcing Request, all the projects containing placeholders that currently have that status will show.

Click HERE to view the explanation of different request statuses.

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