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28 August '23 - Custom Fields for Projects and People
28 August '23 - Custom Fields for Projects and People
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At Runn, we believe that software should adapt to the way you work. After all, every organization has their unique needs and ways of doing things.

With custom fields, you're now able to define the unique fields you want to add to your People and Projects in Runn!

Custom fields are shared across your entire company account, meaning that anyone with the appropriate permissions can view this information. Please keep this in mind and only create fields for information that you are comfortable with anyone seeing.

Add the information that's valuable to your organization

Whether you want to add people's locations, direct reports or favorite food - there are no limits to the number of custom fields you have in your account!

Choose from text, single select or multi select field types.

Filter with even more precision

You can filter the Planner by single and multi select fields.

On the reports side, you can filter by all field types and also export the reports with all custom field data included.

Have all your information in one place

There's no need to switch back-and-forth between Runn and your other systems to find your project and people's details. Bring in all the data into one place for easy access.

View details from the Planner, as well as each project's and person's dashboards.

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