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31 July '23 - Improvements to Managing Project Teams
31 July '23 - Improvements to Managing Project Teams
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Easily assigning and managing a project team is core to any resource management tool. We've made a number of improvements that allow you to more easily add, view and remove project team members:

Add project team members

One small but mighty update - you can now add project team members without having them disappear from the project if you don't add their assignments immediately.

Now, you can assign your project team, navigate away from the planner, and come back later to add their assignments. This is great if you know who to put on a project, but don't know the exact hours or assignments they are needed for yet.

Choose how to view your project team on the Planner

From the Project Planner, you can toggle to either Show All or Hide Inactive project team members.

"But what is an inactive team member?"

Inactive team members are the people and placeholders who do not have any assignments in the visible timeframe on the planner.

On the People Planner, you can choose whether to view all project team members or just the team members with future assignments.

You can also now group the People Planner by Project. When used with the Group Utilization Charts, you'll be able to view utilization for each project at a glance.

Remove project team members

You can easily manage your project team by removing members from the planner or the Project Team section of the project dashboard.

You can only delete team members who don't have assignments or actuals on the project.

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