28 August '23 - HR Integrations
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Note: These integrations are currently only available for Pro and Enterprise accounts on request. Please send us a request if you would like access to the integration.

We’re excited to announce that Runn now integrates with 12 HR tools, making it easier to pull your people’s information into Runn!

You can connect Runn with any one of the following HR tools:

  • ADP

  • AlexisHR

  • BambooHR

  • CharlieHR

  • Factorial

  • Freshteam

  • Gusto

  • HiBob

  • HR Cloud

  • Personio

  • SageHR

  • Workday

These integrations are suitable for:

1. Organizations that want to automate time off creation in Runn

Whenever there's new time off or updates to time off in your HR tool, they'll automatically get synced into Runn on a daily basis*. This is view-only in Runn.

Since Runn does not yet support partial time off, only full-day time offs will be imported at this stage.

*Excluding time off from Gusto and HR Cloud

2. Organizations setting up their Runn accounts for the first time

Quickly add your people and their details to set up your Runn account. Perform a one-off import to bring in your people's data from your HR tool.

Once a person has been imported, any updates made to their details in your HR tool do not get synced to Runn.

3. Organizations that want to add new people in Runn faster

Whenever there's a new person in your HR tool, you can easily select and import them manually into Runn at any time, making the people creation process faster.

View the help docs to see how each integration works.

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