Last updated: 2023-02-27

Upcoming Scheduled Maintenance

  • None

Upcoming Releases

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 26th February

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 2nd March

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 12th March

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 19th March

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 26th March

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Sunday 2nd April

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Monday 10th April

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Monday 16th April

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Monday 23rd April

  • UTC 6pm-8pm Monday 30th April

About Runn's releases

Runn generally releases on Sunday between 6-8pm UTC.

  • London: 6-8pm Sunday

  • New York: 1-3pm Sunday

  • Los Angeles: 10am-12pm Sunday

  • Auckland: 7-9am Monday

  • Sydney: 6-7am Monday

Generally this will cause no downtime, but you will need to reload the app in your browser before continuing to use Runn. Occasionally the release may result in a few minutes of downtime.

We sometimes move the date of the release due to public holidays in New Zealand, and we will occasionally do unscheduled releases to fix issues in production. Usually these will result in no downtime, and are not announced beforehand.

About Runn's scheduled maintenance and downtime

Occasionally we must release infrastructure changes that causes significant downtime. These are scheduled ad-hoc and generally done on Saturday between 9pm-5am UTC.

  • London: 9pm-5am Saturday to Sunday

  • New York: 4pm-12am Saturday

  • Los Angeles: 10am-9pm Saturday

  • Auckland: 10am-6pm Sunday

  • Sydney: 8am-5pm Sunday

We will update this page at least 24 hours before a scheduled maintenance, along with estimated downtime. We aim to notify you 7 days ahead of the scheduled maintenance. From experience, the usual downtime for our infrastructure changes is 30-60 minutes.

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