New features from this past month include our Time Tracker extension for Chrome, the ability to clone assignments, improvements to our reports, and more!

If you have any comments or questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at or through the in-app chat!

Time Tracker extension for Chrome

We're excited to announce that our new Runn time tracker is now live on the Chrome extension store!

Our new time tracker makes it really easy for your staff to log the time they've worked on your projects, without even having to open the Runn app.

They can see what projects they've been assigned to each day, start and stop tracking their time with one simple click, add timesheet notes, view missing entries, and fill in the gaps - all within the Chrome extension.

And what's even better - we feed all that data into the Runn app in real-time so you're always up-to-date to make reliable plans.

Install the Runn Time Tracker from the Chrome extension store here and give it try - it's easy to get started!

Clone assignments

Do you have multiple people working on the same assignment? You can now create assignments for several people at once.

Simply right-click an assignment, select Clone, choose who to assign it to, click Add Selected...and voilà!

Assign teams to projects

See only the projects that are relevant to you. This feature lets you filter the planners and reports by the teams that you're in charge of or a part of.

Once you've assigned a team to a project, explore our new teams filter in the planner, which will allow you to only show the projects or people that belong to the selected teams.

Reporting improvements

Select date range

Previously, you could only select the start month or quarter for reports. With the date range selector, you'll now be able to view and extract only the data you need.

View tentative projects on People reports

Under the People Explorer and Utilization reports, you'll notice a shiny new Tentative toggle.✨ This allows you to see how tentative projects impact metrics like the utilization rate, revenue, and costs.

Other cool things worth mentioning:

  • Export project actuals and other important metrics to CSV - Need to show clients what you've scheduled on their projects? Or get the actual hours worked on a project for your invoicing? Click the cog menu on the project's dashboard page to export.

  • Tags on planner - Hover over the tag icon next to projects and people on the planner to quickly see their tags.

  • Adjustable chart height - Adjust the charts to fit your screen.

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