January is the best time to set goals for the year ahead, and if yours include getting your people, projects, and profits in sync, we have some exciting new features that we hope will get you one step closer to achieving them!

Introducing you to streamlined user invites, project phase tables, a revamped navigation bar, and a new power-user feature: % inputs for assignments.

Invite users from the Person details page

We've streamlined how you can invite users to your Runn.

If you want to invite someone you manage in Runn as a Runn user, you can now invite them straight from their Person details page.

Whether you want to invite them as an admin, editor, viewer, or timesheet-only user, you'll just need to make sure there is an email address added to their details first.

If you want to add users who are not managed within Runn, you can still invite them by going to Settings > Users.

Read our help doc for more information.

Project phases table

This lets you add, view, and manage all of a project's phases from your project details page.

Simply head to any of your projects' details pages and scroll to the bottom to try it out!

Create assignments using % inputs

This is for those of your who create assignments for people based on a percentage of time rather than specific hours.

When creating an assignment, enter the percentage of a person's time (based on their contract) that you wish to allocate.

For example, Demarcus' contract states he has 8 available hours per day. You enter '25%' when you create an assignment for him. Runn calculates the assignment automatically as 2 hours per day.

Simplified navigation bar

You may have noticed our navigation bar got a facelift! We've simplified it so that now it should be easier to find what you're looking for.

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