Admins and editors can import client and project data to Runn.

This is particularly useful for a one-off import to move data into Runn when setting up your account. Importing will only create new clients and projects; it does not modify existing items.

How to import client and project data

You will need to set up your CSV file to match the example here clients and projects.csv.

  1. Go to Settings from your user profile drop-down menu

  2. Click on the Import tab

  3. Select 'Clients and projects' as your import type

  4. Click on the Choose File button to upload your CSV file


  • Client Name - This field can be duplicated, only one client will be created

  • Client website [optional]

  • Project Name - Project names are not unique, projects with the same name will be created multiple times

  • Project Status [optional - default to Confirmed] - Confirmed / Tentative

  • Project Pricing Model [optional - default to T&M] - Time and Materials / Fixed Priced / Non-billable

  • Budget [optional] - Integer for the total project budget

  • Tags [optional] - Separated by a comma

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