Importing Time Data via CSV

How to import your timesheet entries from CSV

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Only Admins can import timesheet entries to Runn.

This is useful for a one-off import when moving past data into Runn or as regular updates to import external timesheet data into Runn periodically.

Runn's timesheet import only handles a single entry per day (per person/project/role). If you have multiple entries for one day, they will need to be combined into a single entry before uploading.

Importing timesheet data will create new entries for a person/project/role/day, and overwrite entries already in Runn for the same person/project/role/day.

How to import timesheet data

You will need to set up your CSV file to match the example here timesheets.csv.

  1. Go to Settings from your user profile drop-down menu

  2. Click on the Import tab

  3. Select 'Timesheets' as your import type

  4. Click on the Choose File button to upload your CSV file


  • Email

  • Role ID [optional] - Runn's Role ID. Found in the URL and API

  • Project ID - Runn's Project ID. Found in the URL and API

  • Date - Date of entry in format yyyy-mm-dd

  • Billable Minutes

  • Non-billable Minutes

Note: While Runn displays time in a hh:mm format, for importing, all time entries need to be in minutes.


My time tracking export gives me multiple entries for each day, can I import this?

You must modify your import data to combine all the entries for a single person/project/role/day into a single entry. Runn does not support having multiple entries for a single day.

My time tracking export is calculated weekly, can I import this?

You must divide weekly entries into daily entries before importing them to Runn.

How can I correct a mistake?

If you import data for the same person/project/role/day, Runn will automatically overwrite any previous entries.

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