We have so much to cover in this month's product release notes! From re-vamping our People Planner, to creating a new project type for your internal work, to adding weekends to our timesheets - there's something for everyone.

As we always say, we appreciate all your comments and questions. You can reach out to us through our in-app chat or emailing us at help@runn.io.

Now without further ado...

More flexibility with the People Planner

Last month, we changed the way you view your people's workload in the People Planner from percentages to hours. We received a ton of feedback on that update, and we're glad to announce that now you now have even greater flexibility with how you view and use the Planner! Check out our two new toggles:

Toggle between hours and percentages

The People Planner is set to show hours by default, which lets you view your people's workload in terms of availability. But if you'd rather view your people's capacity or utilization rate, switch on % Utilization.

View workload by week

By default, the planner shows your people's workload day-by-day (regardless of whether your planner is set to monthly, quarterly, or half year view). By switching on the Weekly Summary toggle, you'll see people's workload split by weeks.

Worked during the weekend?

To accommodate flexible working hours and arrangements, we've added weekends to our timesheets.

Not a fan of timesheets?

If you don't need timesheets—because you do value-based pricing, use timesheets elsewhere, or only want to use Runn for your forward-looking planning and resourcing—you can now switch off all timesheet functionality in Runn from the Account Settings page.

Powerful filtering and assigning of placeholders

We've improved the way you assign or transfer placeholders to people. Our Project and People Planners work hand-in-hand to help you select the people with the right role and availability for your placeholder assignments.

Select the placeholder role or project that you’re looking to assign, and then filter for people with the same role to see their availability.

Non-billable projects

Do you have internal work you'd like to keep track of? You can now do that by setting up a non-billable project. Any work you schedule on a non-billable project will come out of your team's capacity, but won't be used to generate revenue and profitability forecasts.

Quick access to our help docs

Not sure how to navigate a page? Not sure what a particular button means? Not sure how Runn calculates your forecasts? It’s now easier than ever to find extra information if you’re not sure of how something works in the Runn app.

There’s now a handy help icon on all of our pages with short cuts to related help topics and a quick link to chat with us if you can't find the answers you are looking for.

Extra shout-outs:

  • Archived projects and people now appear in reports. Use the Project Status drop-down to change whether you want to show all, active, or archived projects.

  • You can no longer archive projects with future assignments. You’ll have to either remove future assignments or delete the project.

  • Ability to turn autofill actuals off in API

  • Added date query strings for assignments and actuals in API

  • Added include query strings for assignments and actuals in API

  • Added /assignments endpoint for getting all active assignments, and /people?include_placeholders=true*

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