Always use your Runn Test Account when first turning on an integration to ensure that data is correctly sync and there are no issues.

Quick Start (new users only)

  1. Ensure WorkflowMax permissions are set correctly (see below)

  2. Visit and turn on your WorkflowMax integration

  3. Click the "Xero account" link, and follow the steps to allow Runn access to your WorkflowMax account.

  4. Select "Sync Clients & Projects" and "Sync People"

  5. Press "Save & Runn"

  6. After syncing is complete. You will need to create your Roles within Runn and then visit the People List page, select bulk edit, and add the roles to all your team

  7. Archive any People or Projects that are no longer on-going

  8. Visit the Settings -> Integrations and turn on "Sync Actuals"

  9. Press "Save & Runn"

  10. You data will now be sync'd daily with WorkflowMax

Quick Start (existing Runn users)

If you are an existing Runn customer, who already has their people and projects entered into Runn. Please contact Runn support via the chat link below or via and we will help you get set up. If you simply turn on the integration, it will create duplicate projects and people.

How the WorkflowMax integration works

Our WorkflowMax integration will run once a day pull any new people, clients and projects from WorkflowMax into Runn. It will then update all the timesheets within Runn that have been entered into WorkflowMax.

If you change a project name, or update timesheets in Runn it will not update WorkflowMax. WorkflowMax should be used as your primarily time tracking system when 'Sync Actuals' is turned on.

If you change the name of an existing project, or client within WorkflowMax we will not update it in Runn. We keep the original name that was imported (this allows you to change the name in Runn without worrying it will get changed by an external source).

WorkflowMax Permissions

To authorize Runn to connect to WorkflowMax, the person setting up the integraton will need the "Authorise 3rd Party Full Access" permission set to "Full".

To check or set this permission, log into WFM and click Business > Settings > Staff > (Name of staff member) > Scroll to bottom of page -> Check 'Full' next to Authorise 3rd Party Full Access > Save

If you can not see these options, you will need the account administrator to give you this permission.


A person has the role "Unknown" what happened?

WorkflowMax does not have the same idea as a Role that Runn has. We therefore bring all new people in with the role "Unknown". You can visit the person details page, and edit the person's role there. If you need to update many roles at the same time, visit the people list page and use the bulk edit functionality.

I created a client, project, or person in WorkflowMax and it doesn't appear in Runn

Runn will update once a day with new data from WorkflowMax. If you need access to it right away, you can visit the Project List or People List pages and click the "Sync Projects" or "Sync People" button to bring in new data immediately.

What happens if I have existing People/Projects in Runn and turn on the integration?

Runn will be unable to match your existing People and Projects to WorkflowMax, and you will have duplicated. Instead you must add a WorkflowMax ID to each person/project/client before turning on the sync. Please contact and we can help you get set up.

Where should I add new People/Projects first?

You should add new People or Projects into WorkflowMax first, then wait for it to appear in Runn.

What Projects are synced to Runn?
Projects - All future jobs and jobs have finished in the last 6 months will be imported into Runn, except jobs with the following statuses: 'On Hold', 'Cancelled', 'Completed'

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