The team at Runn have been busy this past month adding a bunch of new features. The stars of the show include Google account sign in, new project budgets, filter reports by tags, and a People Variance report.

As always, if you have any questions you can reach out to us at or send us a message through the in-app chat.

Sign in with Google

If you created your Runn account with a Google-linked email address, it's now easier than ever to login to Runn. Just use the new "Sign in with Google" button.

New users can also sign up through their Google account. This means you can take advantage of Google's 2-step verification to further protect your account and company data.

New and improved project budgets

You can now create and edit your total project budgets. Previously, when setting a budget for your projects you had to allocate it to your various roles.

This is a great quick-fire way to see how your profits may be affected by budget adjustments, creating tentative projects that you don't have role requirements for yet, or simply if roles don't matter to your project budgets!

Filter your reports by tags

Maybe you've tagged your people with the office they're working from, or the language they code with. Whatever categorisation system you use, you can now select one or several tags to refine your Project Explorer and People Explorer reports even further.

People Variance Report

The People Variance report pulls everyone's timesheet data so you can see how people's actual hours worked are faring against their scheduled hours.

This allows you to instantly see who needs to fill in their timesheets (indicated by --) and who's working over or below their scheduled hours.

Honourable mentions:

  • The project dashboard got a makeover:
    - The Budget and Actuals buttons have moved to the top of the dashboard
    - We've replaced the ... button with a shiny new cog button
    - Toggle the entire dashboard between financial and hourly figures
    - The Variance graph can be now viewed in days, weeks and months

  • Account admins can reset or permanently delete their accounts. Go to Settings > Account Settings and toggle on "Show actions".

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