This month’s product release includes a bunch of exciting new features, including the highly anticipated ability to create project phases, bulk-adding of people and projects, and a handy budget progress indicator. Let’s take a look…

Project Overview Lines

When you log into Runn you may notice that we’ve updated the way our Project Planner looks. This is to accommodate some of the other features we have added. 

Each project now has its own overview line to clearly show its start and end dates. All project milestones will now be added to this line.

Looks pretty clean, doesn't it?


We know that some of you like to divide your projects into phases. Well, now you can do that in Runn!

Simply click-and-drag your phases from the Project Planner, or use the calendar option to select the start and end dates. You can have multiple phases running in parallel with each other and colour co-ordinate them.

Bulk add People and Projects

Adding people and projects just got so much quicker! When you add people and projects from the Planner, you'll see a new Bulk Add tab. From here, you can add multiple people and projects at a time.

Budget Progress Indicator

If your project has a budget, a ring will show around the project icon. As you create assignments and use up your budget, the ring will update automatically. This is a great way to instantly see how your assignments are impacting your budget in terms of hours and dollars.

When you start going over-budget, the ring becomes red.

Hover over the ring to check out how you're going in financial terms.

Update Project Budgets

If you need to change a project's rates at any time, you can now update the rates for just that project without having to touch the rate card. This is great for changing rates on a project-by-project basis.

To do this, go to the project's details page and click on the Rates & Budget button. You'll see the rate card as a reference point, and you can see how totals change as you update your rates.

Extra shoutouts:

  • "My Dashboard" is now called "My Timesheets". We've moved this to the top-right corner of Runn.

  • The Quarterly view in our reports now aligns with standard quarterly periods.

  • Admins can now delete people and projects that have a history to them.

  • Milestones now also show on the half-year view of the Project Planner.

  • We've added more currency symbols, including francs, yen and ruble.

  • We've made further improvements to the Harvest integration to better sync actuals data. 

  • All roles that are listed in the project budget are automatically added to the project in the Project Planner for easier scheduling. 

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