We have another huge product update for you today!

In this release we’ve added a new Viewer permission for more granular access controls, a personal dashboard for your team members to quickly access their information and enter timesheets, the ability to tag projects and people, and several more features. Read on to find out more!

Feel free to flick us an email at help@runn.io if you have any questions about this release.

Strengthen your controls with tiered permissions

Do you need to show your accountant your financial data? Or a team member what their current workload is? Our new Viewer permission allows you to give people access to your Runn account without letting them change things around.

We have two types of Viewer permissions: Viewer All and Viewer Basic.

  • Viewer All allows people to view everything based on their financial permissions, but they can’t edit anything except their own details and timesheets. 

  • Viewer Basic allows people to see only the Planner and their personal dashboard, but, as per Viewer All, they can’t edit anything except their own details and timesheets. 

Find out how to manage your users’ access permissions.

Keep track of your own work and enter timesheets

Everyone in your business can now view their upcoming work and enter their timesheets in our all-new personal dashboards! 

The awesome thing about this feature is it works beautifully with the new Viewer permission to let users create and maintain their timesheets. Invite users with either of the Viewer permissions, let them update their actuals (AKA fill in their timesheets), and you can compare your forecasted hours with actuals - all within Runn.

For someone to access “My Dashboard”, their Person profile needs to have an email address and they need to be invited with the same email address.

Experiment before committing

If you’re worried about performing an action on your live account, the test account will be your new best friend. 

Use your test account to play with demo data, copy your live data, try out the new CSV importer, test out your integrations or the Runn API - the list goes on. 

Tag your projects and people

You can now assign tags to your projects and people for easier searching and filtering. 

Say you need to add a Javascript coder to a project - you can filter by your people’s tags to find someone with the right skills. Or if you want your planner to only display certain projects - you can filter by your project’s tags to display what you want.

Bulk import via CSV

We’ve eliminated the need for you to manually create all your clients, projects, people and roles! Our new CSV file importer is a great way to get started if you already have data in another system that you want to move across. Head over to Import data to try out this new feature.

Some extra shoutouts:

  • We’ve added the option to “Edit Contract” and “Change Role” right from a person’s edit “…” menu

  • Click the user icon on the planner to instantly view your own projects and assignments

  • "Star" projects and people on the planner and then select to only view starred items

  • We've added print stylesheets to all of our dashboard pages. 

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