In order for your team to log their time, you need to set them up with an email address and the right permissions so they can sign into Runn and access their personal dashboard. 

1. First of all head over to People and make sure that every person you want to log timesheets is set-up there and has a valid email address. If you are setting up Runn for the first time, you can use our CSV file importer to add multiple people at the same time.

2. Now head over to Settings > Invite User > Invite User to Account and send an invite to everyone you want to log their timesheets.

When you invite people into your account you can choose different permission levels. 

If you want people to have an account mainly so they can log their time, we recommend you use the Viewer Basic permission. This will restrict their access to the “Planner” and “My Dashboard” and won’t allow any editing, except for timesheets.

For more details, see Managing your Runn users' access permissions

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