Say hello to our first product update of 2020! 

This is one of our biggest updates yet and we're really excited to bring you support for fixed-price projects, a new utilization chart and the ability to send project actuals from Harvest into Runn. Read more about those and other new features and improvements below. 

As always, if you have any comments or questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at

Support for fixed price projects

Until now, Runn has supported projects with time and materials pricing models only. Well, no longer! As of this release, Runn can also help you keep your fixed price projects on track and profitable. We've added tighter project tracking controls and updated the way we account for fixed priced projects so you get accurate project revenue and profitability projections for your projects, clients and company.

New utilization report for better resource planning

Want clarity on how your people's time is split between billable and non-billable work? Or need to know if you'll be able to hit those utilization targets you've set for you and your team? Runn's new Utilization chart has the answers.  

As per our other capacity charts, you can look at your forecasted utilization rates for the entire company, or drill into a specific team or role to see who's overworked,  underutilized, or tracking along just right. 

Send your project actuals from Harvest into Runn 

We've extended our integration with Harvest. In addition to being able to sync your clients, projects and people to avoid double entry between Harvest and Runn, you can now send your time-tracked project hours from Harvest into Runn. This will not only save you time but also allow you to compare what was planned with what actually happen (using Runn's new variance report and project performance graphs that we added in last December's release!) and take corrective actions as needed.

Read more about the new Harvest integration in our help docs or contact us if you want to learn more or need help setting this up in your organization. 

Post your project actuals using Runn's API

Not only have we added an integration with Harvest, we also updated our API to allow you to post your actuals data from the time-tracking tools of your choice into Runn. Here's our developer docs if you want to try this out yourself, or contact us for more info or help. 

Quickly add a new client, project or person straight from the Planner

You no longer need to navigate away from the Planner to create a new client, project or person. Simply click the "+ Create" button in the top right corner or use the "Add new project" or "Add new person" buttons at the bottom of your projects or people lists. It's easy as that!

No Gravatar? No problem. Upload profile pictures for your people straight from your computer.

You can now select to upload a profile picture for your employees from your computer if you don't want to use Gravatar. We'll continue to automatically source pictures from Gravatar, if available.

Improved on-boarding experience for new users

We've revised and improved our on-boarding experience allowing new users to create multiple projects and people when they first sign up to Runn. We hope this will help people get started and explore all that Runn has to offer more quickly! 

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • You can now create a new role at the same time as creating a new person. 

  • Project Planner filters: You can now filter the projects list by the name of a team or person. This will help you find all the projects you are managing or someone from your team is part of, for example. 

  • People Planner filters: You can now filter the people list by project and client to see all the people working on a specific project or on projects for a specific client. 

  • The lists on the dashboard pages (Clients, Projects, Teams, People and Roles) can now be filtered.

  • Project Actuals: Fixed the table header to the top, so you don't loose reference of what you are looking at when entering your actuals data.

  • We made improvements to the loading performance of Project and People performance reports.

  • Internal clients: Delete and archive options have been disabled.

  • Project Budgets: Corrected currency display on the project budget. 

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