We have a tonne of exciting new features in today’s release. We’ve listened to your feedback and are delighted to announce that you can now add actuals to your projects, get a glimpse of how your projects are going in terms of dollars and hours, and import your existing data from Harvest. Enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at help@runn.io

Understand how your projects are tracking

Take a look at Runn's new Project Performance graph to get a feel for how much time and money may be spent on a project over its lifetime and whether you might go over budget. The table breaks these forecasts down by role and person.

The default view here is for Financial data, but you can also view it all in terms of hours (if you have restricted financial permissions, only hours can be viewed).

We get it – things don’t always go to plan

You can now enter actual daily and weekly hours worked, because what’s a forecasting tool without some actual data?

Under Projects there’s a shiny new Add Actuals button. If a person is scheduled on a project, they will automatically appear on the list for the given period, but if they aren’t, you can simply add them on the spot. 

Actuals are completely optional. If you don’t add any actuals, Runn assumes that what was scheduled was what happened.

The beauty of this feature is that you have historical data to back up your forecasts. Any reports, charts, and totals will be updated with your actuals rather than scheduled work. For example, if someone was scheduled for 8 hours and then worked 4 hours in actuals, the reporting will count the latter.

But wait, there’s more!

When you add actuals you also gain the ability to view Variance Reports. The graph and table show a breakdown of your actual hours versus scheduled hours. Clicking a bar on the graph will change the time period shown in the table so you can drill down into the specifics for that period.

Tired of entering data that already exists?

We understand that the initial setup with Runn can be a tad time consuming. That’s why we now let you import your client, project and people data straight from your Harvest account!

If you are setting up a new account with Runn the data will import after entering your Harvest credentials. From there, any new clients, projects or people added to Harvest will appear on Runn on a daily basis.

Find out more about the integration here.

To top it all off…

  • Enter and update either the hours or dollars for each role in the new project budget

  • Create new projects directly from the Planner by clicking Add New Project

  • Instantly create a new person to assign to a project when you can’t find who you’re looking for. See below for how to do it!

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