Another week, another product update! 

This release brings you a brand-new calendar, the ability to upload custom logos for your clients, a quick and easy way to plan weekly work and much more. Enjoy!

If you have any comments or questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at

Easily add people to your projects

Not only did our calendar get a new look in this release, we also added functionality that allows you to add multiple people to your project at the same time. Plus, you can now edit the total hours of an assignment, making it even easier to plan out a project. 

Upload your client logos

Not happy with the look of your client's logo? You can now overwrite the logo we're sourcing from your client's website by uploading your own images.

Quickly plan weekly work

On the half year view, assignments are now created for an entire week by default. Furthermore, you can now hit enter on your keyboard to save your assignment, making it really quick and easy to plan out weekly work and sprints.

Usability improvements and other changes

On the Planner: 

  • The workload and project billings charts now distinguish between tentative and confirmed work. 

  • When transferring a placeholder assignment to a person, we now default the list options to people with the same role as the placeholder.

  • We added a 3-dot ‘Extra’ menu to assignments as an alternative to right-clicking assignments. 

  • The Planner now remembers your viewing settings.

  • We updated our buttons design. They now "pop" more, don't you think? 

On the dashboard pages:

  • You can now add an external reference to clients, projects, people, rate cards and rates for use with the API. 

  • You can no longer create contracts for your people with 0 hours per day. 

  • The project budget will now show all roles that have been assigned by default.

Bug fixes

  • Minor bug fixes to the chart visuals.

  • Fixed long milestone notes being cut off.

  • Fixed archived roles being shown in drop-down menus.

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