This is another jam-packed release with lots of new things to look forward to. 

We added brand new exporting functionality that lets you download summaries of your projects data, so you can dig into all the details outside of Runn. We overhauled the design of our People Planner to make it even easier for you to see your team's upcoming workload and availability. And, last but not least, thanks to the feedback of our early access users, we've made a ton of usability improvements and smaller changes. Enjoy! 

If you have any comments or questions about this release, don't hesitate to contact us at 

Projects data export

Head over to our new Export page to download your Runn projects data to a .CSV file, then use the spreadsheet software of your choice to analyze your data further.

The CSV download will contain a list of all your projects with a separate line item for each person and placeholder and their assigned hours. Group your data by week or month to look at assigned hours from a higher-level, or dig into the details by exporting daily data points

People Planner make-over

Our People Planner got a face lift in this release, making it easier for you to see your team's upcoming workload and who on your team is over or under-utilised and by how much. 



Usability and other improvement

Thanks to all your feedback, we also made a ton of usability improvements and other changes.

Updates to the Planner

  • You can now multi-select roles on the workload charts:

  • Your projects on the Projects Planner are now all sorted alphabetically by Client. Also, Roles are now ordered alphabetically, on the Planner and across the app. 

  • When drilling into a project on the Projects Planner, all people with current and future assignments on that project will appear, even if their assignments fall outside the selected calendar range.

  • When creating an assignment for a person, the "hours per day" now defaults to a person's contracted hours.

  • When creating an assignment by clicking a day on the Planner, you can now press enter to save a 1 day assignment.

  • We update People and Project filters so they will only match names starting with what is typed.

Other improvements

  • When adding a new person to Runn, you now have the ability to add their employment contract and set their role - all in one go. 

  • When creating a new role, you now can choose a default charge out rate that will be added to your standard, and all your custom rate cards.

  • We've also created a handy calculator to help you with calculating your employee's hourly cost when setting up your people's employment contracts. 

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