Archiving Projects 

To keep your projects list up-to-date and manageable, you can archive projects that are complete, on hold or no longer relevant. 

When you archive a project, all associated historic project data will be saved. You can still view project details for an archived project. To do so, filter your projects list to only show archived projects and select the project you want to view. 

You cannot archive a project that has people or placeholders scheduled for the present day or any time in the future. In order to archive the project, head over to the Projects Planner and remove any future assignments. 

Once archived, projects are removed from the Projects Planner and you will no longer be able to schedule people or placeholders on that project. 

Note that any capacity and financial forecasts in Runn include active projects only. 

To archive a project:

  1. Select the project you want to archive from the Projects list
  2. Click ... button 
  3. Click Archive button

Deleting Projects

We don’t recommend you delete a project. Instead, if you no longer require a project, we recommend you archive it to retain any associated historic project data. 

If you still choose to delete, note that deleting a project is permanent. There’s no undo, so use this action with care. 

To delete a project:

  1. Select the project you want to delete from the Projects list.
  2. Click the ... menu and select Delete 
  3. Type DELETE and click the Delete button to confirm 

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