Rate cards list your roles and associated charge out rates. They allow you to set rates for the services you provide. 

Rate cards give you the flexibility to:

  • define different charge out rates for different roles, since people with different skills and experience will likely have different rates.
  • offer different pricing to different groups of clients. 

For example, you may have a special set of rates for charitable groups, a specific client, or long-term projects. And your senior designer will likely have a higher charge out rate than your junior designer.

The great thing about rate cards in Runn is that, once set up, you can re-use them for multiple projects. 

Every Runn account comes with a standard rate card for your standard rates. New projects will use this standard rate card by default, but you can also set-up custom rate cards and assign them to your projects as needed.

Rates will be “0” initially, so make sure you set-up your rates to get accurate financial forecasts.

To track your internal projects and any associated labor costs, e.g. your sales proposals or your office move, use your internal rate card

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